Saturday, August 6, 2011

Staying Healthy on Vacation!

So far, so good on this vacation!  I am sticking to the plan and so far doing pretty well.  I survived the family reunion with nary a hitch.  Okay, a few bruises due to a not so graceful fall getting out of the boat and then all my digital photos disappeared from my SIM card, but besides that the trip is going well.  I can't do anything about the bruises but I bought a new digital camera.  I don't want to lose my photos again.

It has been a relaxing couple of days.  Yesterday I skipped going to Wildwood in the evening in order to buy the camera and stick around and watch a movie.  Today I hung around, took a nap and then took a walk.

Did you read about the diabetic pregnant woman at the Denver airport who had her insulin confiscated by TSA?  To incredible to even believe.  I worry every time I fly that some overzealous TSA agent will have a problem with my medication or my syringes.  This time when I flew I was stopped and had my medication searched.  That was the first time that happened.  The TSA agents were very friendly about it but it is still unnerving.

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