Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Is Up With All Those Bruises?

Vacation is almost over and the question I heard most of all was "How did you get those bruises?"  I think the thing I am most self conscience about since being diagnosed is the bruising.  I have always bruised easily but nothing like the giant and long lasting bruises I get since being on prednisone.  I bump into anything and get a bruise.  God forbid I should stumble and fall, it looks like I was in a major accident.  On a regular day I usually look like I have had some sort of trauma with all my bruises but here on vacation with all the physical activity, you can imagine I look almost like I have been in an accident!  In a bathing suit I just look like a  leopard with all the spots.

So far, I have the bruise from the graceful dismount from the boat (see below for 1/2 of the bruise), the bruise from getting dumped off the jet ski, the constant bruises from medication injections, and the various other bruising from banging into things, having to carry luggage up- and downstairs, on and off airplanes, in and out of cars, etc.  They are just all over me and in the weirdest places!  I have two small bruises on the inside of the top of my right arm.  Who gets bruises there?

My bruised elbow
Folks keep asking how I got the bruises; well I am lucky to remember the large bruises but the small ones, you have got to be kidding me.  Most times I don't remember even banging into things.

These bruises take forever to go away too.  I have tried Arnica gel and it works pretty well to speed up the process.  But I would have to be lathered in the stuff on a trip like this.

It is embarrassing to have all these bruises on my legs and arms.  Twice I have been in the emergency room for another reason medical reason and been asked if I have been a victim of abuse.  I have to point out on my chart that I am on Prednisone and that it makes me bruise easily.  This is why I don't wear dresses and skirts very often.  It is too embarrassing to have the bruises show.

Overall, the fun I had outweighed the embarrassment of the bruises. Except for my family, I will never see these people ever again, so what do I care what they think?!  Let them look at me funny.  I know my truth.  Where did I get those bruises?  They are from a medication that is making me feel better and making me be able to go out and have fun again!  That's where!

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