Monday, August 22, 2011

Sad Days

It has been a sad few days.  My neighbor, Jim, passed away.  He has been ill and house-bound for a few years.  I have not seen him in about a year and half since he didn't always like visitors.  His roommate and BFF, Darrel has been taking care of him and his "life" during this whole time.  They have lived together for many years and known each other for decades.  I kept abreast of Jim's situation through phone calls and from running into Darrel on the street.  Our neighborhood is pretty close and if Jim went into the hospital, someone would always let us know.

This time Jim was admitted to the hospital when we were back East and after a nasty fall while in the hospital, he passed away.  He will be missed by anyone who met him.  He always had a smile and joke when you bumped into him.  Before he got ill, Jim knew all the latest information (read as gossip) about the neighborhood.  He was even called the Mayor of the Neighborhood.

I am going to miss my friend Jim.

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