Saturday, December 10, 2016


Today is the big day.  The Bat Mitzvah.  But first I went to a spa with S to get massages, reflexology and facials.  It was fun because S's mom and sister showed up and we just had a big ol' party.

Once we were done with the spa, I had to drive back to the hotel where my family was staying and change for the party.  First we went to Temple and our family was given a part of the ceremony.  Then we went to the appetizer hour.  After a bit the curtains were pulled back and we entered the lovely main room.  It was so beautiful.  Purple, silver and black.  All things about NYC. There was a DJ and MC.  There were freebies for the kids: light up glasses, rings and hair pieces, hats and shirts painted on with your name.  There was a photo booth.  The kids had a special room where they served sliders.  There was non-stop dancing.  It was a fun event.

Until tomorrow...

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