Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Day 323.  Today I finally coerced my brother to help me fix my printer problem.  No, I just asked him.  I know he probably hates it but what is a girl to do?  I have this "network" set up and when I get a new computer it has to be added so I can print and share files.  This way I can sit in bed and get files off my desktop computer and print upstairs on my old, workhorse printer.  Yes, my printer is not wireless but it is a real heavy duty printer that I bought years ago and it has never had a problem.  I works great as a copier and printer.  It is really cheap and the ink lasts forever.

I need to buy a wireless color printer.  I used to have one but it finally died when it could not keep up with the Windows updates.  Plus it had its little idiosyncrasies.  I got rid of it and now I just have the black ink printer.

I am so happy now that all my computers and printer work in sync.  It makes working much easier.  Transferring files from computer to computer with a USB drive so I can print a document was getting old.

Thank you brother!

Until tomorrow...

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