Saturday, July 9, 2016


Day 313.  I spent the day running errands.  I had to return the bathing suit I bought about a month ago.  It was not made well and I needed to return it to Target.  But first I wanted to go to Costco.

This was my first trip to Costco since I renewed my membership and since Costco made their change from Costco American Express to Costco Visa.  Since I didn't have a Costco credit card, I didn't pay much attention to the whole thing.  I just knew people could not use a Costco American Express and I may not be able to use my regular American Express.  I go shopping and put all my stuff on the belt.  I hand my card and the girl is ringing up my stuff and I look at the list of ways I can pay.  I have none of the things.  I have no cash, no check, no Costco card, and no Visa.  I tell the girl I have no way to pay.  I have to leave all my stuff on the belt and leave the store.

I am actually already annoyed because Costco used to have a big vegan/vegetarian section and it is gone.  All the products are also gone.  I went all over the store and the items were not mixed in with the regular items.  The main reason I am a member is because the big section the store has. Now it is gone.  If I had known this I may not have renewed this membership.  I can get toilet paper and paper towels at Target.

Which is where I went next.  I went to Target and guess what?  They will take all forms of payment: all credit cards, cash, check, debit cards.  They were happy to take my money!  With a smile!

No they didn't have vegan/vegetarian stuff either but they did have a bubble machine!

Until tomorrow...

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