Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Day 316.  I finished another book.  One of the positive things about insomnia is I get a lot of reading done.  I am tired but I am well read!

I finished The Terrorists Son by Zak Ebrahim.  It was a lesson of how you can be bought up in a life of hate and how you can learn peace.  Zak was the son of El-Sayyid Nosair the man who shot and killed the founder of the Jewish Defense League.  Then from life in prison he helped plan the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.  Zak was a child when this happened and their family was ostracized, threatened and left practically penniless.

It was interesting to hear his story and hear how despite hearing all that rhetoric for years, he is not interested in hate.  He is interested in helping everyone to get along.  He speaks of peace and against terrorism.

It was a very good read.  It was also a TED talk.

Until tomorrow...

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