Saturday, July 16, 2016


Day 320.  I had to plans to go to a Foster Adoption barbecue.  I made an orzo salad to take with me.  I drove all the way there and stayed a short time.  I just don't do well in group situations.  I get quite anxious when I enter a group situation and I don't know anyone. Especially when everyone seems to know each other.  After about 20-25 minutes hanging around, I decided I had better things to do and I got back in my car and went home.

I went and picked up dog food and went home to my doggies.  I caught up with my friends D and C with phone calls.

Yesterday I got tired of my doctor's office telling me that my medical form for my adoption application was not ready yet so I went to the office and told them I would sit in the waiting room until the form was ready.  The doctor only had to put a date in a spot and sign it.  I had been waiting for three weeks.  Amazing!  I got the form in 15 minutes.  Now I can send the rest of my application in.  I am only missing my DMV form but that could take weeks.  You know those government departments!  I am going to mail it Monday.

Until tomorrow.

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