Sunday, May 8, 2011

Was it a Happy Mother's Day?

Today was Mother's Day and it was a clear, sunny day. I am a mother to two small dogs.  I would have loved to take them out for a nice walk at Sunday Streets in San Francisco.  But today was not the best day.  It was one of those days where I can't manage to get off the couch for the first half of the day.  Then I suddenly woke up while watching a show I was waiting to see.  Of course I missed the first half of it and now I will never know why the guy was arrested.  Did he really murder the woman?  It will be a mystery to me.  Then I took a nice long bath and went to watch The King's Speech and fell asleep again.  What a day!  But if you have RA, you know these are the days that happen.  They aren't fun but seem to be necessary to rejuvenate for the coming week.  Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers.

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