Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can't Remember Sh*t!

Earlier today I thought of the funniest story to write.  Now I can't remember what I was going to write. So I guess this is what I should write about!  My disease: CRS.  It is called Can't Remember Shit!  I know everyone has it in some way.  Remembering where your keys are or where you parked your car in the parking lot at the airport.  Do you spell "receive" is it "ie" or "ei"?

Well, I have a been taking this medication called Topomax that has crazy side effects such as memory loss, difficulty with concentration or attention and language or speech problems.  Some other side effects are: hair loss, hemorrhoids and hot flashes!  How fun!  So far I have not noticed any of the three side effects.  Back to the memory loss, I have such a hard time sometimes remembering even the most simple things, things people take for granted.  I will swear and argue that I have not seen a movie only to find out later by looking at my Netflix list that I have seen the movie.  I have no recollection of ever seeing the movie.  I can no longer remember most of my childhood unless I am having a really good memory day.  I have a hard time with words; not just remembering how to spell them but remembering the actual word.  Luckily I live with a person who has a memory like a trap!  She is really good in filling in the gaps for me.

Maybe tomorrow I will remember what I was going to write about today!  We can only hope...

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